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Selena Gomez Tattoos and Meanings

Hollywood pop star Selena Gomez is always well known for her tattoos. After putting her music career aside she started indulging herself as Hollywood actress. She made her debut in Barney and Friends. Selena always has a great craze for tattoos. She expressed her deep feelings that may her for her first love music, her closeness to her mother or else his intense feelings for her boy friend Justin Bieber. Hope fully in future her also her tattoos will reveal her true feelings of her life.

Selena Gomez Tattoos and Meanings

Selena Gomez Music Note Wrist Tattoo

Selena Gomez tattoo on her wrist

Selena’s first tattoo in her life was a tiny music note on her right wrist. This tattoo was reminder of her music career in her life. This tattoo came around when she announced that she was taking break from her singing career and finally focusing to enhance her acting talent. Then Selena move on to become a pretty and cute Disney star. This tattoo shows her deep attachment with the music world.

Roman Numerals tattoo on Selena’s Neck

Selena Gomez Neck Tattoo , Selena Gomez Neck Tattoo roman numeral , Selena Gomez Neck Tattoo roman numeral LXXVI

Her next tattoo was roman numerals “LXXVI” inked on her Neck .According her tattoo artist ‘Keith’ the tattoo is gratitude to one of her close family member. From few gossips, actually the tattoo inked on her neck was for her mother “Mandy Teefey” who was born in 1976.Selena is very close to her mother. As her mother had a great contribution in her professional career .Previously “Mandy Teefey” was also a stage actress. Selena’s interest in acting grew up while watching her mother practicing for stage performances. Her mother helped her in her firm decision to be an actress and taking break from music industry. Have a look at more details about Selena Gomez Neck Tattoo .

Selena Gomez express love with fake Justin Bieber Tattoo

Selena Gomez Justin Tattoo , Selena Gomez Justin Bieber Tattoo , Selena Gomez Justin Tattoo is fake

She conveyed her love for Justin Bieber through another tattoo inked ‘Justin’ and a small heart below it for her sweet love. Justin Bieber craze for tattoos had a greater influence over his girl friend. Selena expresses her sweet love for Justin Bieber through his named tattoo at Las Vegas. Unbelievable fact is that after few days the she announced that it was not a permanent one just her cute feelings for her boyfriend. She has many male fan followers who has great desires to be inked their name over her wrist and neck. take a look at Selena Gomez Justin Tattoo in pics .

Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato Tattoo

Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato Tattoo

Both of them were best buddies. Another strange fact is that a great fan of both the buddies inked a tattoo to keep their friendship alive. In the tattoo Selena name was inked on the left and Demi’s was at right side. But due to some differences both the pop stars were got apart from each other. But surprisingly, their crazy fan inked both their name together for life time. The tattoo of the crazy fan made her surprise but she reacted calmly over the whole situation. Get more info about Selena Gomez from Wikipedia.

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